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Get Rid of Chronic Back Pain and Sciatica with The Wolf Brace

Does Wolf Massager Work?

Get Rid of Chronic Back Pain and Sciatica with The Wolf Brace

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  • The FDA Cleared Wolf™ Brace will eliminate your back pain & sciatica in just a weeks or your money back!

  • Natural deep pain relief (no harsh painkillers)

  • Save money on expensive chiropractor bills

  • Gives you immediate & lasting relief from a herniated disc

  • The 3D pad in the back braces provides deep lumbar acupoint massage, reduces muscle fatigue

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"Feels so much better immediately upon lying on it. In just 2 weeks, I was able to stand, sit, walk normally and feel more confident than ever. The Wolf Brace really, really works. Highly recommend!"

Tina H. ✅Verified Buyer

Discover a Better, More Effective Way to Treat Back Pain At Home!

As we age, our bodies inevitably undergo a series of changes, many of which can be challenging to cope with. For millions of older adults, chronic back pain and arthritis become unwelcome companions, turning everyday activities into painful tasks. The journey with these conditions is often filled with struggle, frustration, and a sense of helplessness that can be difficult to convey to those who have never experienced it.

Perhaps, you’ve tried different methods like consulting a chiropractor, stretching, massage guns, or exercises, but they all provide temporary relief, and the pain comes back after a few days.

For that reason, the Wolf™ Brace provides stability to the spine and feature upgraded aluminum strips, our back support offers robust support and significant back pain relief, making it twice as effective as other braces. This advanced brace swiftly alleviates discomfort from lower back pain, arthritis, muscle soreness, disc herniation, sciatica, and more. 

By wearing the Wolf™ Brace daily over a period of 2-4 weeks, you'll gain benefits that will last you a lifetime.

Happy Retirement Is Without Back Pain!

Listen to Mr. Thompson (A 54 years old retired engineer)

Mr. Thompson had a successful career at IBM and a wonderful family. However, he suffered from back pain and arthritis for 5 years. After trying all kinds of chiropractic treatments with little success, he almost opted for surgery. Fortunately, his doctor recommended a life-changing product—the Wolf Brace. He decided to try it for the last time and luckily, it worked! Now, his life is back to normal, and he enjoys his retirement without any back pain.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 4.9/5 By 2,736+ Happy Customers

Get Back Pain Relief With The Wolf Massager

After 15 months of prototypes and over $100,000 in laboratory testing, we created the Wolf Massager.

It’s the only back pain brace on the market to use the breakthrough  3D pad in the back brace provides deep lumbar acupoint massage, reducing muscle fatigue and promoting circulation. Additionally, the alternative soft triangular pads contour perfectly to your waist for unparalleled comfort.

Targeting all three elements of arthritis & back pain was the secret sauce that has resulted in thousands of customers experiencing pain relief.

Here's how the Wolf Massager can transform your well-being:

  • Wolf Brace is equipped with 4 upgraded aluminum strips and 2 PP strips, delivering 6X the support of traditional braces.

  • 5 different sizes. Ergonomically designed to contour to your body, this back brace features high-density Velcro belts that allow you to adjust the tension of the lumbar support, ensuring a comfortable and beneficial posture. 

  • ULTIMATE COMFORT, SUPERIOR BREATHABILITY: made with premium breathable mesh fabric, promoting air circulation and dissipating body heat.

It’s incredibly simple to use. The Wolf Brace is your key to unlocking a new level of well-being. Experience faster healing, reduced pain & overweight and improved sleep – all in one revolutionary device.

Try Now Risk Free • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Heal Yourself with The Magic 🪄

Patients suffering from back pain, sciatica, and SI joint dysfunction reported pain relief from day 1.

Eliminated their lower back pain after 2 weeks of consistent use (wearing the brace for 2 hours/day avg.)

Completely fixed their back pain after 3 weeks of consistent use. (wearing the brace for 2 hours/day avg.)

"Technology is realling changing us. My patents reported significant improments after just 1 week of using Wolf Massager" - Dr.Thomas

What Our Customers Say...

Meet Ms. Catherine. For 2.5 years, she suffered from relentless back pain and sciatica. Daily activities like sitting and walking became painful and challenging. Then, she discovered and used the Wolf Brace. Currently, Ms. Catherine can now sit and walk normally, free from pain. Her quality of life has significantly improved.

Meet Mr. Johnson. For 3 years, he suffered from persistent back pain and arthritis, making it difficult to enjoy his favorite activities. Despite trying various treatments, the relief was always temporary, and the pain would return. He couldn't garden or hang out with his wife for nearly 3 years. Now with the Wolf Brace, he is able to live a normal life like before...

Wear it and forget it because you won't even notice it's there!

The Wolf Brace is designed to for matching perfectly your daily routine!

 - Soft, Breathable Materials that feel gentle against your skin. This is especially important during extended use, allowing your skin to breathe and preventing irritation.

 - Lightweight Design: It won't weigh you down or feel bulky under your clothes. You can move freely and comfortably while enjoying the therapeutic benefits.

 - Lastly, The Wolf Massager can be easily hidden under most clothing. You can wear it discreetly at work, at home, or even while running errands.

What makes the Wolf Brace™ so special?

Order Your Wolf Massager™ and you will receive:

  • 1x Wolf Massager ($99 in value)

  • 1x Free Shipping Offer ($10 in value)

  • 1x Set 3 Ultimate Books for managing back pain ($35 in value) includes:

    - How To Solve Lower Back Pain In Twelve Easy Steps by Dr. Carl Baird DC, MS

    - Advice for managing low back pain by Central Adelaide Local Health Network

    - Back pain information booklet by VersusArthritis

Total: $144 in value . All you have to pay is $59.99!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Send us your question by filling out the form below, we will be happy to assist you.

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How long until I see relief?
Instantly! Our massager relieves sciatica and lower back pain from the first time you use it. With consistent use over a two-week period, you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.
Will wearing the massager weaken my mucles?
No, the Wolf Massager will not weaken your muscles in the same way a lumbar corset would. A lumbar corset is designed to take over for your core, and if worn for too long, it can make your muscles weaker, putting you at a higher risk for back injuries, disc bulges, or muscle strains.
The Wolf Massager doesn't actually take over for any muscles; it simply helps hold your SI Joints together, allowing your ligaments to return to their normal tension. You can wear it for weeks or months without worrying about muscle atrophy.
Can I use it if I have a herniated/slipped/bulging disc?
That's what it was designed for - it helps stabilize your spine, strengthen your back muscles (so they can take the pressure off your spine and decompress your discs), and allows bulging, slipped, and herniated discs to retract and repair.
So if you have one of these conditions, the Dainely Belt is exactly what your back needs.
Will it work for me?
Yes, the Wolf Massager is doctor-designed to work for men and women of all ages who are suffering from sciatica and lower back pain. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the results (if you didn't experience any relief from your pain), you can contact the Wolfnotch customer support team for an easy, hassle-free refund anytime in the next 60 days.
Is The Wolf Massager Safe?
Yes, the Wolf Massager is an FDA-cleared device, crafted from skin-friendly and high quality materials, ensuring there are no skin irritations/bad effects from its use.
It has also been recommended by most chiropractors as one of the safest, and most effective products to alleviate sciatica and lower back pain.
What if it doesn't work for me?
Our industry-best 60 day “Results or Full Refund!” GUARANTEE means that you can try our product with confidence knowing that you get the exact kind of results we talk about or you pay nothing.
We understand you’ll only be convinced once you’ve tried it and seen the difference for yourself. So we want you to feel totally comfortable that you’re not risking a penny when you order today.
It’s simple: You have two full months to try the Wolf Massager. If you’re not totally thrilled by your transformation then email us at for a full refund.
How long should I use it for?
2 hours per day over a period of 2-3 months
Where do you wear the Wolf Massager?
On your back to eliminate back pain/sciatica.

If you don't like the Wolf Massager or other Wolfnotch's products, We'd refund your money no questions asked!


We value ours and your time. If you understand that the product is not for you, you can return it


We value our own and other people's money. If you understand that the price of the product is not worth, we will return the money


The most important thing for us is a relationship that is based on mutual respect and benefit. We'll do our best to make you feel it

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Get Rid of Chronic Back Pain and Sciatica with The Wolf Brace
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  • Recommended by experts, chiropractors
  • 6x Support of traditional braces
  • Ergonomically designed to contour to your body