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Neck Stretcher

Neck Stretcher

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"I’ve had neck pain for a very long time. After using this for about 7 days, the pain was GONE. I slept on my regular pillow last night, woke up expecting normal cramps and migraine, I had none. I was much more productive today as well. This is a winner!"
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Michelle W., USA

Naturally Eliminate Neck Pain, and Migraines at Home
Years of hard work, sleeping in wrong positions, & bad posture apply damaging pressure to your neck. This causes your cervical discs to squeeze out of place & put pressure on your nerves, leading to neck pain, TMJ, tension headaches, and even a sharp pain and numbness that radiates down your shoulder.

Using the power of cervical traction, the Stretcher reverses the damage in your neck, and solves the root cause of your pain by gently stretching your neck, and decompressing your spine - allowing bulging, or herniated discs to retract, and repair.

This takes the pressure off your cervical nerves, leaving you with a healthy, pain-free neck & a smile on your face, so you can finally get back to living again.

Address the Root Cause of Your Pain

You’ve probably tried several other neck pain solutions that promise the world and fail to deliver.

Painkillers are harmful, and they just mask the symptoms. Chiropractors charge you $60-200 per appointment, and when you stop going - the pain comes back.

The Stretcher uses cervical traction to gently decompress your cervical discs at an optimal 26° angle, helping your tight spine relax, decompress, heal, and relieve the pressure that's built up over the years from your irritated nerves.

Using the Stretcher for at least 5-7 days helps your neck discs heal naturally. It relieves the pain, restores neck's mobility, improves the bloodflow, and fixes damaged spinal structures and muscles for good.

Ease the Pain for a Better Sleep

Designed to promote proper alignment of the neck, the Stretcher uses the patented three-way cervical traction technology to soothe the tight muscles around your neck. This allows them to return to their natural position, so you can sleep, and feel better.

  • 87% of users reported better sleep, mood and concentration after 7 days of using the Dainely™ Stretcher.
  • Unlike over-the-door neck traction devices (which don't work), the Dainely™ Stretcher offers the same, optimal 26° stretch for as long as you need it, applying therapeutical pressure to your muscles.

Professionally Designed and Recommended

Chiropractors and massage therapists aren’t always in arms reach.

The Stretcher has been designed and recommended by chiropractors as an effective way to get pain relief when you need it most.

  • For less than 1/5 of the cost of one therapist treatment, you can get results that last a lifetime.

Real Success Stories

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