The Ultimate Device To Help Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels To < 100mg/dL in 2-3 weeks!

The healthy choice for your body and get rid of the needles, lancets, test strips through the day.
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This was a surprise for us.
Recently, we introduced the first new Smartwatch in over a decade here at Wolfnotch! We called it SUGA PRO™.

And then, something completely unexpected happened.
This new smartwatch sold out in less than 24 hours. (Actually, 16 to be precise.) That’s the fastest any new technology product has sold out in the history of our company.

Then a few weeks later, It happened again.
After we restocked our shelves, Suga Pro sold out once more—this time in less than a week.

Now that it’s back in our store, customers still can't stop talking about this Suga Pro.

You may be wondering: What’s all the fuss about?
What makes this Suga Pro so special—and why did it sell out so fast in the first place? Read on to find out.

What's good about Suga Pro?

Bringing your normal life back
Real time monitoring
 Suga Pro connect to a CGM system and display glucose readings in real-time on the device.
Lower diabetes
1 of the newest smartwatches on the market can provide laser treatment right on your wrist
Safe to use
Top MD in the USA have tried and recommended!
Affordable solution
One time payment around $100. No subscription, no extra medication, no needles or test strips, etc...

What can I achieve with the Suga Pro?

Lower diabetes
People with type 2 diabetes who use the laser treatment feature of Suga Pro lower about 70 points after 2.5 weeks. 
Stay away from drugs, pills
More than 40% of people with type 2 diabetes who start using Suga Pro eliminate at least one medication at 1-year
Get rid of painful needles
90% of people with diabetes happy with the Suga Pro. It can deliver real time result and save history in app.

Is the blood sugar level in the regular U.S. meter reading?

Actually, we receive tons of this exact question every day...
The answer is YES, of course, that's what make SUGA PRO™ selling like crazy at the moment because currently, not so many devices on the market can do it. 

There are 2 units of measurement to manage your diabetes: mmol/L & mg/dL. You can easily switch back and forth in its app. Here is a quick video of how the app looks:
Is this app FREE?
Yes, absolutely! From the user manual, there is a QR code for you to scan and install it. It works well on both IOS and Android, the best part is it's completely FREE. You don't have to pay or subscribe to any monthly plan. How does that sound?

Does it also help me to lose weight?

The main feature of Suga Pro is to help monitor blood sugar and lower it!
However, after purchasing our product, you'll receive an exclusive access to a private member area where you can get trained and educated!

Simply register for an account, you'll get access to a golden knowledge place and great doctors. You'll know exactly what food to eat, what drink you should take, what exercise you should do and more...So we believe you can achive your wished body in the near future (This is actually a fast-bonus if you buy the Suga Pro today). So act fast!
The total value you could get if you buy the Suga Pro is up to $818
Thousands of people have changed their lives since they joined the Suga Pro's member area!

Alright, is this tested by Doctor?

Yes! Safety is our priority!
Listen to our Dr.Jones, we worked with him from the beginning of this project, now the Suga Pro is famous thanks to his knowledge and expertise.
P.s: The Suga Pro is IP68 waterproof. It's okay to wear while cleaning hands or working however, you shouldn't wear it while swimming, surfing, water skiing,...
How Suga Pro is born?

John had been living with type 1 diabetes for over a decade and was frustrated with the limitations of traditional diabetes management tools. He found that checking his blood sugar levels multiple times a day using a traditional meter was inconvenient and disruptive to his daily routine. He also wished there was a way to monitor his glucose levels in real-time without having to carry around a separate device.

Inspired by his own experiences, John decided to start a company to develop a smartwatch specifically designed for people with diabetes. He gathered a team of experts in hardware and software development, including engineers, designers, and healthcare professionals, and began working on the project.

The team conducted extensive research to identify the key features and functionality that would be most useful for managing diabetes, including continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) capability, activity tracking, medication reminders, and stress management tools. They also consulted with diabetes organizations and people with diabetes to ensure that the device met the needs of its users and was safe and effective.

After several years of development, the company launched its first smartwatch for diabetics. The device featured a built-in CGM sensor that measured blood glucose levels in real-time and displayed the information on the watch face. It also included activity tracking sensors, medication reminders, and stress management tools.

The smartwatch was an instant hit among people with diabetes, who found that it made diabetes management much more convenient and streamlined. They no longer had to carry around a separate device to monitor their glucose levels and could easily track their physical activity and manage their medication regimen using the smartwatch.

With the success of the first smartwatch (Suga), John's company continued to innovate, develop new products called Suga Pro for people with diabetes and continued to collaborate with healthcare professionals and diabetes organizations to ensure that their products met the needs of their users.

Today, Suga smartwatches is dedicated to improving the lives of millions of people around the world who live with this condition.
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