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The Suga Pro (Round Dial) - More Than Perfect For Your Health
Why People Love Suga Pro?

The Suga Pro (Round Dial) - More Than Perfect For Your Health

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  • The Suga™ Smartwatch (Round Dial): Your health and communication hub.

    Track key health metrics, manage stress, and stay connected all from your wrist. Monitor sleep, heart rate, and activity, while also making calls and receiving texts – all in one sleek device. 

  • Laser treatment with Low Level Laser Therapy Technology

  • Significantly reduce the need for finger pricks throughout the day

  • Your own on-wrist health assistant with FREE mobile app

  • Make & Receive Call. SOS Call feature is available!

  • Care about your family: 👉 Family Bundle | Buy 3+ Get 10% OFF (Automatic Discount)

"Feels so much better immediately upon putting it on. Tighten it up and forget it. I like the way it tracks everything on my body. Technology from Wolfnotch make a huge difference in my day and in my life."

James H. ✅Verified Buyer

The most perfect combination of Health & Activity Tracking

Deeply understand your body (10 metrics) with 24/7 continuous monitoring

Keep the adventure going with rechargeable and long battery life

Notifications keep you connected to what matters.

Track your adventure's performance with built-in sports modes at the wrist

Easily make a phone call without taking your phone out of a pocket

Red light therapy helps you feel more energized during the day and sleep better at night

1.5" High Definition Color Display

360x360 resolution realistic and natural with smooth touch and vivid display details paired with a highly linear mental case

Remote Care Your Family

Add family as friends on mobile app and stay tuned at anytime various health data of family member, real-time health risk reminders

Whether you lead an active lifestyle or simply want to take care of your health, Suga Pro is for you. Join thousands of our happy members now!
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General Specifications


Wolfnotch (USA)

1.5 inches


Replaceable: Black


24 hours continuously


IOS & Android


Running, Jogging, Badminton, Ride, Jump rope, Fitness, Pingpong, Basketball, Mountaining

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the Suga Pro work?
The Suga uses non-invasive sensors to monitor your health through your skin by shining a 650nm wavelength laser light from the bottom of the device into your skin to measure the amount of light that is reflected back. The reflection allows the watch to calculate your body using a special mathematical equation called an algorithm. Simply wear the watch on your wrist and the device will continuously monitor throughout the day. It then sends this data to an app on your phone, which provides real-time feedback on your status and can alert you to any changes that may require your attention.
How to set up continuous monitoring with Suga Pro? 
Here are some steps that may be involved in the calibration process:

1. Open HealthWear mobile app

2. Select a health metric you'd like to track

3. Select Health settings

4. Turn on the Health monitoring feature

5. Set the Interval timeframe. At least 10 minutes the Suga Pro will monitor your  levels continuously

P.s: You need to wear the Suga Pro on your wrist, don't forget it.

Here is the video for better explaination:
Is the Suga Pro smartwatch waterproof?
While the Suga Pro (Round Dial) watch is IP67 waterproof, please don't charge it in the presence of water stains, and please remove it when you taking a shower. Besides, soaking, swimming, diving, and hot showers are not suitable. But don't worry, you'll be fine if you get a little splash, just dry it. 
Can I sync the Suga Pro smartwatch with my phone?
Yes, the Suga Pro can be synced with an app on your smartphone, which allows you to view your data and receive alerts and notifications directly on your phone.
Can I wear the Suga Pro smartwatch while I sleep?
Yes, the Suga Pro is designed to be worn 24/7, it's able to monitor and analyze your sleep well!

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The Suga Pro (Round Dial) - More Than Perfect For Your Health
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  • Health Tracker
  • Actitvity Performance Tracker
  • 24 hours working battery life & rechargeable

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